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SHABBA RESPONDS TO RODNEY NOEL DJAKOUT BLAST: SHABBA responds to RODNEY NOEL Djakout blast in regards to Compasfest 2009/Fort Lauderdale Fest (SEP 30TH- 2008)
PRINCESS GEORGY (JULY 12, 2006): GEORGY opens up to KM in one of her most candid interviews. She talks about her love life, Hangout and her relationship with Cleo and Pipo. She also talks about Zin & her legacy in the HMi + more.
FRERO TALKS ABOUT QUITTING ZENGLEN (DEC 3, 2006): Here is the much anticipated interview from FRERO on why he left Zenglen. An interview not to be missed.
REYNALDO MARTINO (JUNE 4TH, 2006): T-Vice maestro Reynaldo Martino goes all out in trying to defend his group against the latest accusations from Djakout. Talks about new cd & many tvice related issues.
SHABBA POST-CARNIVAL INTERVIEW (MAR 07): Djakout hype man SHABBA lets loose on the carnival results as well as the Ti Michel/Roberto issue, what he says Roberto told him in Santo Domingo & more.
GAZZMAN INTERVIEW JAN 30 - 2007: GAZZMAN opens up about a lot of issues regarding Nu Look, Gracia Delva, Ralph Conde, the media, his record label and other bands new cds. You do not want to miss this one.
REGINALD CANGE (JAN 4TH 2007): REGINALD CANGE talks about his upcoming group with Frero. He also touches up on some ZENGLEN issues regarding Richie...Brutus....Nickenson & more. JAN 4TH 2007
REYNALDO MARTINO ON MIA LOPEZ/ROBERTO CONTROVERSY: Listen to TVice maestro REYNALDO MARTINO on the Mia Lopez Kebreau and Roberto Martino carnival private message controversy. Babyrey drops it like it's hot (Feb 22 - 2007)
DABENZ: System Band vocalist DABENZ answers all the hot questions regarding him, System, Zenglen, Richie, Frerot and Reinald, Gracia Delva & more (July 30th, 2006)
WES (JULY 10, 2006): HMI Promoter WES talks about the pressures surrounding the making of a Djakout/System bal in N.Y, as well as warnings to Djakout and why he feels the band might be in trouble. (July 10, 2006)
INTERVIEW: RICHIE VS ACHILL RADIO SHOWDOWN: Here is the interview conducted by Miami radio host BJ with Zenglen's RICHIE and Zenglen manager ACHILL. The ACHILL/RICHIE radio showdown (MAR 2006)
RORO TALKS ABOUT DJAKOUT ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION: KM talks with Djakout Mizik drummer RORO about the attempted assassination against Djakout just a few days after it occurs. (MAY 30th, 2006)
MAC D INTERVIEW 2: MAC D opens up more as he lashes out at some members of KDANS in this AUGUST 3 interview in response to some comments made by some of the members. (AUGUST 3rd 2007)
BRUTUS: Zenglen maestro BRUTUS answers all the HOT questions surrounding his group Zenglen. HOTSEAT INTERVIEW (August 8th, 2006)
LIONEL BEEPER MAD AT NU LOOK ON CD ISSUE: LIONEL BEEPER is extremely upset at NU LOOK, specifically maestro Arly Lariviere because he feels he's been disrespected....especially after all that he's done for the group. LISTEN!
ALEX ABELLARD OF ZIN: ZIN maestro ALEX ABELLARD breaks down the latest happenings in the Zin kingdom and also reminisces about past issues concerning the band. (August 3rd, 2006)
PIPO: Hangout vocalist Pipo defends his rep against Lavaud, plus discusses Cleo's resignation, Georgy, Nu Look, Gazzman and more. (July 26, 2006)
ARLY LARIVIERE TALKS ABOUT DJAKOUT HAITI SHOWDOWN: NU LOOK maestro ARLY LARIVIERE talks about the infamous showdown in Haiti with Djakout which apparently has both groups on different sides of the fence. (December 24th, 2005)
RORO DJAKOUT (JUNE 30TH, 2006): RORO talks about REYNALDO's interview on KM which seems to have touched a sore spot with the crew, plus SHOUBOU, Djakout van shooting, CD & more. (June 30th, 2006)
BRUTUS TALKS ABOUT NICKENSON ISSUE _ JAN 2007: Zenglen big boss BRUTUS talks about the NICKENSON PRUDHOMME situation with Zenglen. He answers all the questions regarding it. (JAN 2007)
INTERVIEW AROUND BLACK ALEX SHOOTING: INTERVIEW with BLACK ALEX's wife, King Posse bandmate SAMMY B & more updates about BLACK ALEX's shooting. Conducted by CAREL of RADIO ONE (APRIL 3, 2006)
SHABBA (JULY 7, 2006): Djakout congas player/star SHABBA speaks to KM on their upcoming cd, shooting, Reynaldo Martino's KM radio interview, Montrealfest encounters with TVice & much more.
THEO/KREYOL LA (July 13, 2006): Kreyol La's THEO speaks to KM about many issues surrounding his band, as well as important matters pertaining to Konpa Kreyol, Krezi, Joubert Charles, Fabiola Dupoux Leger and much more. (July 13th,
PRINCESS GEORGY - APRIL 2007: PRINCESS GEORGY reveals for the first time why she left Hangout. She also levels some accusations at the group in terms of threats + talks about MEI MEI, ALAN CAVE, ALEX ABELLARD & MORE.
ALIX NOZILE DOES NOT WANT ZAGALO IN NU LOOK: NU LOOK congas player ALIX NOZILE comes straight up and tells KM why he does NOT want former Dzine gongist Zagalo in Nu Look. (JUNE 24, 2006)
TI REGI INTERVIEW ON NEW CD & MORE!: TI REGI talks about the new Djakout cd, the controversy with Reynaldo & TVice, the Djakout critics & more. (DECEMBER 2006)
ALFRED SAYS KDANS IS OVER: ALFRED LATAILLADE says KDANS is over in this interview (JULY 20 - 2007)
GAZZMAN ON DJUMBALA BAL FIASCO: Nu Look vocalist GAZZMAN COULEUR speaks to KM about the Djumbala bal fiasco in Haiti with Zenglen where people got shot..stabbed and more. (August 23, 2006)
ROBERTO ON 2007 CARNIVAL + MIA LOPEZ ACCUSATIONS: Listen to this interview with T-VICE frontman ROBERTO MARTINO as he talks about why he feels that TVice are the 2007 carnival champions and he answers Mia Lopez accusations against him during carnival
NICKENSON PRUDHOMME (July 27, 2006): Nickenson talks about his solo success, Zenglen rumors of him leaving, Gracia Delva, Harmonick and much more. (July 27th, 2006)
DAVID DUPOUX (JULY 2, 2006): KREZI maestro David Dupoux talks candidly about Krezi, promoter Joubert, Kreyol La Haiti incident, possible boycott of Krezi and much more. BOMBSHELL INTERVIEW. (July 2nd, 2006)
RICHIE ON DJUMBALA BAL FIASCO: Zenglen drummer RICHIE speaks to KM in a very emotional interview regardingthe bal fiasco in Haiti with Nu Look which ended with people getting shot....stabbed and more (August 23, 2006)
TI MICHEL ON HIS FIGHT WITH ROBERTO MARTINO: Tropidisc producer TI MICHEL speaks to us a few hours after his fight with Roberto Martino in front of a club in Miami. Listen to what he has to say. (Feb 25 - 2007)
GAZZMAN RELOADED (AUGUST 2007): GAZZMAN RELOADED (AUG 2007): Gazzman on Nu Lok new cd, Djakout, Richie's friendship, Lionel Beeper cd issue and much more!
TI JOE ON TVICE/COMPASFEST DISPUTE: TI JOE ZENNY gives his opinion on the TVICE/COMPASFEST dispute. Very Interesting (September 2008)
RICHIE TALKS ABOUT HIS RICHIE & GRACIA CD _ JAN 2007: The SUPERSTARMAKER RICHIE talks about his new cd RICHIE & GRACIA as he goes into details about each song on the cd. (JAN 2007)
PIERROT SPEAKS ON TI MICHEL & ROBERTO FIGHT!: PIERROT AL-KHAL talks about the confrontation that took place between producer Ti Michel and Roberto Martino in front of a Miami club. Listen to all the details because he was there and involved. (Fe
JOUBERT CHARLES ON DJOUMBALA FIASCO: HMI promoter and producer JOUBERT CHARLES talks about the Djoumbala tragedy and tells us who is to blame. He also talks about Krezi, Djakout, Carimi, Harmony Records and more (August 25th, 2006)
RICHIE TALKS ABOUT NICKENSON & ZENGLEN ISSUE: RICHIE answers all the questions regarding the NICKENSON & ZENGLEN issue. All questions are answered in this straight shooting interview. (JAN 18 - 2007)

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