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EMELINE MICHEL: A beautiful jazzy tune from the Queen Emeline Michel. Here is the track "Tankou Melodi".
CLAUDE MARCELIN: "LI DIM KONSA" is one of two major hits that TI CLAUDE MARCELIN had on his lakol CD.
GYPSIES DE PETION-VILLE: Robert Martino and his crew from Petion-Ville, LES GYPSIES in top form with this track from their third album. The song is called "COURAGE".
ZIN: The hit song that put ZIN on the map. One of their biggest hits...the song "FEM' VOLE"
LES AMBASSADEURS: Classic track from one of our old school bands Les Ambassadeurs. Gadew grosseur "BOBINE"..Wepa!
SAKAJ: SAKAJ (Gilbert Bailly and Joe Dore) got themselves quite a few fans with their one and only CD with their different approach to Haitian music. This track "MELODY FEELING" is one gem on this debut.
TABOU COMBO: Haiti's most popular band in the world rocks it with this classic track "ET ALORS".
SKAH-SHAH: One of the most popular Haitian bands of our lifetime brings it here with this song "ANABA ROZO".
MINI ALL-STARS: ALL STAR band with a classic track "MANOUSHKA" on a classic album. TI Claude Marcelin and Herve Bleus of D.P Express fame are all over this track.
CARIBBEAN SEXTET: CARIBBEAN SEXTET...LA FORTE DOSE gets you on the dancefloor with this song "LACHE KOW'"
DP EXPRESS: DP EXPRESS in the classic track "PALE PALE'W"
FRERES DEJEAN: LES FRERES DEJEAN...Classic Compas group kicks it up with "KOTE MENAJ OU"
TABOU COMBO: A classic from the ultimate hitmakers with the track "8Eme SACREMENT".
SWEET MICKY: The kickoff feel happy track from the CD of the same name. Enjoy the sounds of "ALOUFA".
MIZIK MIZIK: Another classic by this innovative group. Mizik Mizik strikes gold on "WEBER".
T-VICE: A huge hit for the group off of one of their earlier cds. The song "LOVING YOU" is still a favorite to this day.
KDANS: This tearjerker is called "GRADUATION" and can be found on what many consider KDANS' greatesalbum ever...their second SOS.
KING POSSE: KING POSSE, the most popular Haitian Ragga group of our time rocks it hard on this classic "BOT LA".
GYPSIES DE PETION-VILLE: This is the TI CLAUDE MARCELIN/PIERROT AL-KHAL version of the Gypsies with the song "BARON BARON".
MIZIK MIZIK: Classic Mizik Mizik at the top of their commercial success with the song "LE NAP FE LANMOU"
SKANDAL: One of the leaders of the new generation sound SKANDAL with the classic "TI BOY".
EMELINE MICHEL & SIDON JOSEPH: Here is a classic track from the QUEEN HAITIAN DIVA EMELINE MICHEL along with SIDON JOSEPH in a very early favorite "TOUT MOUN ALLE NAN KANAVAL"
LAKOL: Here is a track from LAKOL from their debut CD. The title of the track "KABICHA" was a favorite of many from that debut CD.
CLAUDE MARCELIN: "RELAX TI MAL" was a major hit for TI CLAUDE MARCELIN in the mid-80's.
REGINALD POLICARD: This song featuring Joel Widmaier on vocals, was a huge hit for master composer/keyboardist Reginald Policard on his first solo CD. The song's name "DECIDE'W"
ANSY DEROSES: One of the many hits by this Haitian superstar. "Merci" is a favorite of many from this crooner.
ZEKLE: One of the most creative/innovative groups of our time...ZEKLE comes at you here with "PIL OU FAS" one of the tracks off of their STOP album.
MAGNUM BAND: MAGNUM BAND caught many people's attention with this unforgettable track "EXPERIENCE".
SWEET MICKY: A huge hit for the Compas President "I DON'T CARE".
ACCOLADE DE NEW YORK: "LA FOI" is an excellent track that represents the formidable group well.
DJET-X: "SABRINA" (TET KANNA) is one of the classics off of this UFO10 SPEED CD. TI YALE, TI GERARD, DR LULUX, PANTAL, MAX BADETTE en pleine forme.
IBO COMBO: "ENGENDRE" is a classic track from the legendary band from the album of the same title. Song written by Boulo Valcourt.
DJET-X: This "LOVE TO LOVE U BABY' track is classic DJET-X at the top of their commercial success.
COUPE CLOUE: The legendary COUPE CLOUE in the classic track "TI SOURIT"

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